Raised to New Life- A conversion Story.

This is the story of how I came to know my faith. At the time, I thought that was it, I was converted, the finished article. Now however, I realize that was just the start. I have grown so much since that point. My conversion to Christ is still going on.


The dead man came out, his hands and feet bound with linen strips and his face wrapped in cloth. So Jesus said to them, “Untie him, and let him go.” John 11: 44

I was not dead, but I felt dead inside. I wasn’t tied but I needed to be freed. I was empty, unhappy and had nothing to look forward to. I was failing Sixth Form and failing expectations of myself and my family.

I was never brought up with any faith; I was Baptisted but it didn’t mean anything to me at all. I would go so far to say I hated religion. My R.E. book consisted of 4 pages of work and the rest of Hangman.  and Nougats-&-  Crosses games!

In 2010, whilst at St Benedict’s Sixth Form, we had an assembly about Lourdes. Apparently this was an amazing place but I didn’t buy it! 

We were asked if we wanted to go. One of my friends, really wanted to go. She wanted some people to go there with. She asked me and obviously I said ‘no’. I had no interest in that place at all! I said I would help her fund raise but, after about ten minutes of talking about it, I said to her ‘OK, then I’ll go’. I’m not sure if she took me seriously or not. Probably not. But anyway, there I was: my form filled in and my deposit in hand, ready to give to our chaplain. Several cake sales and bag packs later we were there, waiting in the Cathedral car park to get on the coach to Lourdes. I knew no one; I didn’t know why I was going. When I got there I hated it – hated everything about it and wanted to go home. But I didn’t. I don’t know what it was but I stayed and I loved it, every moment. I saw the joy that everyone there had, and I wanted to be part of it. I have each and every person there to thank because if it wasn’t for them I would not have taken the next step. When people ask me why I went I tell them truthfully I don’t know. As far as I know it was an accident, but the best accident that’s ever happened to me. When I got back and told my Mum and friends about it they didn’t really get it. They thought it was just a phase and I would pass through it. In a way they were right: I only really went to Mass when I could be bothered and slowly stopped all together. I had already signed up for World Youth Day but was beginning to regret it. By the time I went there I had been going through phases of going to Sunday Mass and not going at all. It was during World Youth Day, however, that the seed grew, and the spark that had been lit turned into fire, and I became truly enlightened.

 ‘You can always, with Christ, endure the trials of life’.

To hear Pope Benedict say these words during a difficult part of my life was simply amazing. At this point I didn’t know what I was doing with my next academic year. I wasn’t going to Uni and hadn’t got a job. But I had Jesus with me, and he guided me to Castlerigg, the best  place I could have ever been guided to, somewhere that I could develop my faith. It was during my walk training with the residential Priest there that the decision was really made. I think he was a little worried about asking me about whether I wanted to become a Catholic but eventually he said, ‘Would you consider getting confirmed?’ I played it round in my head for a few moments and everything pointed me to saying ‘No’. What would my friends say? What would my Mum say? What would my Granddad say? So, as I was about to say no to him, ‘Yes’ popped out. And after some intensive RCIA, my right of election and awkwardly professing my faith in front of the community at Castlerigg, I found myself ready to be received into the Church at the Easter Vigil 2012, happier and more excited than I can ever remember. I am now alive, raised again by my passion for my faith. It’s exciting to be part of such a special community. I have learned so much from my time in the Diocese and I want to give that back. I owe everything to my faith.   



48 thoughts on “Raised to New Life- A conversion Story.

  1. Have you ever considered becoming a christian as a viable option..??

    Lourde’s does not impress me at all, a vain and sinful generation seeks after a sign..
    I am not trying to be rude , but you do not even really mention Scripture at all,,’ only once ‘..
    perhaps you should sit down with a bible, a KJV, and really examine and search it for a week or so,and read it for yourself, without those so called catholic priests, telling you what to believe..or anyone else for that matter…
    I can assure you, that catholicism is not of God, and was never started by Jesus Christ.

    • As a Catholic I am a Christian. If it was not for going to Lourdes then I wouldn’t even experienced the Lord in anyway. In the group that I go to Lourdes with, we do not go to seek a sign we go to serve sick pilgrims and indeed serve God. You’re right I didn’t mention scripture, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t important. And as I said, that was only the start of my conversion, reading scripture and studying it is becoming more and more part of my life. I am not the complete package! Again I received the sacrament of reconciliation prior to my first communion and confirmation but didn’t mention that. I am not being deceived, I have had my eyes open to the true faith. No Catholic Priest tells me what to believe, they teach me so I can make the decision for myself. I was lead to my Spiritual director much in the same way Augustine was lead to Ambrose. “Little did I know, it was Him who lead me to you, so that you could lead me to Him.” God lead me to my Priest so he could lead me to God. We may have different views but we are both Christian. But right now you’ve just judged me for things that I have not mentioned, that’s all.

      • there is no sacrament as you describe it, that can reconcile you to God,, It is not by rituals,confirmation, that a person is reconciled to God..
        Your so called ‘ priest ‘, cannot reconcile you to God either, as he is not a mediator…and he is no priest either..

        As I said, I really think that you need to read the bible for yourself…
        OK,, I was not very subtle in my approach,, but, I genuinely believe that you are being deceived by the RCC…

        why would you think that going to Lourdes is of God..
        that place is a sham, and and idolatrous practice,,
        I do not accept that any roman catholic is ‘ Christian ‘ at all, because of the false doctrine, and ideas, that they express, as you have..

        As I said, no so called ‘ sacrament ‘ is a means of reconciliation…

  2. Why is the King James bible better than any of the others? How are you reconciled to God if not through the sacraments? The Priest does not redeem us; he is but an agent of the Mediator, assigned and empowered by the one Mediator. Confession is but one way of applying the mediation of Christ to men. I do read the bible for myself, how could you say I don’t? How could Lourdes not be of God? Mary the Mother of our Savior appeared there. Whether it is legit or not is down to personal belief however the service we do it not up for debate. We help sick pilgrims grow closer to Christ through Mass, and other services but also through friendship. Each of the sacraments are given to us by Christ, I firmly believe you’re missing out by rejecting them.

  3. The catholic bibles, NIV and others,, have taken a lot of verses out of the bible, and they use erroneous manuscripts, mainly of Alexandrian origin.
    you dont get nearer to Christ through a blasphmeous mass, ie. transubstantiation…
    there is only one mediator between men and god, the man Christ Jesus..
    simply because of your latest comments, it is obvious that you do not read the scriptures, and therefore I said you need to read them for yourself..
    All I will say is, get yourself a proper bible,,, you say you want to know the truth…

    that apparition at Lourdes, was a demonic manifestation, as was the one at fatima, and medjugorge,, { i cant spell that one }

    thats all i want to say on the matter…I wouldnt lie to you friend.. I hope you will get saved, and becoome a ‘ brother ‘, as thing’s stand ,, you are NO brother in christ..
    2 John 9-11
    Acts 4 v 12

  4. 1. Transubstantiation is not blasphemous. Christ himself said ‘This is MY body’ Luke 22: 19.
    2. I said that Christ was the only mediator.
    3. There is absolutely no evidence any of those apparitions were demonic. The sheer number of visitors to those shrines are evidence enough that they did happen.
    4. You have contradicted yourself quoting 2 John 9-11 by rejecting me as a brother in Christ. Everyone of us are brothers and sisters in Christ. No matter what faith or background.

  5. Transubstantiation, is most certainly a lie,, that bread does not change into flesh, and the wine does not change into blood,, you are talking witchcraft Mister.!!!
    No Agent of the only mediator is necessary or biblical,,, there is only one mediator, and your so called priest is not an agent of the mediator Jesus christ..you are being taught lies mister..

    I have certainly not contradicted myself,,

    you are not applying the doctrines in the scsriptures, therefore
    2 John 9-11 applies,,and if ‘ any ‘ comes to you and bring not this doctrine….
    you really need a Bible mister.

    Not all are brother and sisters in christ, because not everyone is a Christian,…
    Your statements are becoming even more ridiculous…
    You need to repent , and get yourself saved,, and leave that whore of babylon, the catholic so called church…Rev 17

  6. Look, are you saying because people are not Christian they are less than you? Because they are not Christian they are not children of God? Because that is not very Christian of you, I don;t know which denomination you belong too but I fear they are the ones who have indoctrinated you. I wrote this post for people to hear of my conversion of faith, not to be criticized, and not to be corrected on a journey which is my own, if you do not feel it applies to you then there is no need to read it.

  7. Richy, I think it’s a terrific account of your story; personal and sincere. I don’t know what this guy’s problem is, but if being a Catholic is bringing you closer to God and deepening your relationship with him then that can only be a good thing! I also came back to the Catholic church after a long time away, just before I started university. You’re right that it’s a continuous process of conversion, and I hope (and pray!) you enjoy every minute.

  8. Nice defense, young man! You already have the Bible and are humble enough to believe it when Jesus said to the apostles that they had the authority to forgive sins, etc. I agree with you that it’s sad that so many don’t avail themselves to the sacraments for reasons of pride. Keep up the good fight. :-) — Tony

      • It’s good to catch up with you on a different blog again, Pre-Conversion Paul! However, it is not blasphemy to believe in Christ’s words. For starters:

        “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, you have no life in you; he who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.” (Eucharist)

        “Jesus said to them again, ‘Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I send you.’ And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and said to them, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained.’” (Reconciliation)

      • I will double my prayers for you, “Paul.” ….. Cannibalism is the violent destruction of a person’s human flesh against his will, which also destroys that person. In fact,Jesus ordered us to partake of Him, and many left Him that day because they shared the same confusion which you have. Consequently, He turned to Peter asking him if he would leave, too. To which Peter replied, “to whom shall we go?”

        Receiving the Eucharist in no way reduces Christ, either.

      • please DO NOT say your so called prayers for me..they are ineffectual..as far as I am concerned..

        you are in no way in a position to obtain the flesh of Jesus Chris,,unless you think that your so called priesthood can bring Jesus out of heaven,and take lumps out of him,,
        and transubstantiation is actually the practice of witchcraft, and a deception..

        you need to repent of your lies,,,
        your so called church has murdered too many people for refusing to accept transubstantiation as biblical,,

        your so called church is overburdened with doctrines of demons..

        my name is not Paul thank you..

        you could do with a massive reality check..

      • I shall pray that more Catholics leave the pernicious religious system of Romanism..and will be saved,,and come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ..
        and that you will know the truth,,and will be set free from satans doctrines..

        it is so sad that you cannot see the truth,,and have no knowledge of the Scriptures,or of the Lords Salvation…it is a real tragedy !!

      • what do you mean ‘ pre-conversion ‘ Paul ??
        does this mean that you are considering salvation and Christianity, and repenting of your false teaching, as a
        ‘ viable option ‘ ??

    • I am open to listen to all faith stories, I am fascinated by many faiths, especially mormonism and Jehova’s witnesses. I am curious to know which church you belong to? If you were to tell me it would help me to understand much more about the point of view you are coming from. But right now, what you’re saying, and especially this video are simply laughable!

      • Unlike you Im a christian,…and your adherence to your so called sacraments is laughable..

        im a member of the body of christ…
        i dont belong to a denomination…so now your struggling to pidgeon-hole me :D

      • I have posted some stuff on the blasphemy of the rosary,
        and the fact that it is witchcraft, and was simply a ‘ cash cow ‘ for the papacy, when it is was invented in the 13th century..
        I forgot who invented it..?
        Obviously the so called rosary is connected with the NON- existent, purgatory..

        now that you mention the blasphemous rosary.. I will be doing another posting about it..

        The rosary is essentially a talisman..and encourages’ vain babbling ‘. !!

        I think that it is quite sad, that people are involved in that practice of ‘ vain ‘ repetition…

        If you want to see some material on the falseness of the rosary,, go to the menu on the right or eft hand side,, and look for ‘ roman catholic false doctrines ‘ !!..

        I am hopeful that you will finally repent of your false teaching, and will become a Christian and leave the Cult of Romanism..the Whore of Babylon…

      • here is the link you asked for..


        I think it would be a great idea to stop taking any notice of your catholic so called priests..even stop addressing them by the name they have no right to..i.e..Fr..

        and really get into reading a proper Bible for once.
        KJV / AV 1611,,,I shall pray that your eyes will be opened..and will realise that you are on the wrong path,and that you have been deceiving yourself.

  9. Firstly, the Rosary is a prayer firmly planted in scripture. it comprises of the Our Father (Matthew 6: 9-15) and the Hail Mary (Luke 1: 28 and Luke 1 41-42). It follows the life and works of Christ and as we meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary we are taken on a journey from the annunciation and birth of Jesus until His glorious ressurection and the coronation of Our Lady. There are so many examples of where the Rosary has caused great healing and been the rout of miracles no less!

    “If you say the Holy Rosary every day, with a spirit of faith and love, our Lady will make sure she leads you very far along her Son’s path.”
    –St. Josemaria Escriva

    “There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot solve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary.”
    –Sister Lucia, of the seers of Fatima

    • As Catholics, we do not worship Mary. Mary is the Mother of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. She is venerated as the Saints are. She is the immaculate conception, she was born without sin, and she is a role model to each of us as to how we should try and live our lives. We ask Mary to intercede for us, we reach Christ through Mary. That isn’t worship, it’s respect, and an appreciation of Her and again an appreciation of Christs words. Whilst he hung on the cross, he said to the Beloved Disciple “Behold your Mother” and to Mary, he said, Behold your Son.” John 19:27

      • please please…get dictionary..

        regard with great respect; revere.
        “Philip of Beverley was venerated as a saint”
        synonyms: revere, reverence, respect, worship, adulate, hallow, deify, idolize, hold sacred, exalt, honour, esteem, look up to, think highly of, pay homage to, pay tribute to; More

        and then try a bible

        search ‘ roman catholic are the hindus of india ‘ on my blog…

        heee heeee..


      • The quick answer is that we ask The Virgin and The Saints to “intercceed for us” i.e. pray to God for us. It fundementally is no different than asking another person to pray for you, except you use prayer as a communication tool to them through God’s power.

        Worship is praise, fidelity and requests to God himself. That’s the answer in it’s simplest form.

      • can you or a so called priest bring bits of Jesus out of heaven..?
        NO YOU CANNOT..!!!
        Do you really think that you are eating Jesus..?
        Are you a God-Eater ??

        witchcraft !!

        #cannibalism #heresy #repent #GetSaved #Blasphemy

      • They don’t bring bits of Jesus, they bring the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ to be present on the alter. The don’t bring Christ down the substance of the bread and wine changes. Hence the name Transubstantiation. I cannot do this no, I am not a priest. But yes I do believe I am receiving the Body and Blood of Christ, it is a huge part of my faith. That I can receive Jesus in the Eucharist.
        You say your faith it all from believing scripture, then why haven’t you responded with anything against Luke 22: 19 or Matthew 26: 26. Try reading my last comment on the bottom of the page on that blog post.

      • no point quoting scripture to someone who continually mis-uses it..
        i will look at those verses though..l8r

        Are priests biblical. { NT } ?? your catholic ones are in no position to bring Jesus out of heaven…

        please try to think ‘ realistically ‘..for once…it is not painful yer know..!!

  10. In the words of my Confirmation Saint, Saint Augustine, “Faith is to believe what you cannot see, the reward of faith, is to see what you beleive.”
    Each time we go to Mass, we can encounter Christ present on the alter, present in the Eucharist, what could be more beautiful than that? Any Christian wants to encounter Christ as much and as often as they can surely? Transubstantiation is hugely complex and I simply don’t have the intelegence to even begin to explain it. But Christ DID say the words “This is my body, which is given for you.”
    “He took bread and giving thanks to God, broek it and gave it to them, saying ‘This is my body, given for you’ Luke 22: 19.
    And again in Matthew 26: 26 “While they were eating, Jesus took a piece of bread, gave a prayer of thanks, broke it, and gave it to his disciples. “Take and eat it,” He said; this IS my body.”
    I don’t have the intellegance to explain or comprehaend the Eucharist and Transubstantiation however I do have the faith to believe in Christ’s words at the Last Supper.
    There has also been many Eucharistic miracles regarding the bread physically becoming flesh or spots of blood appearing in the Host. These have happened in Buenos Aires and in Italy. When spots of blood have appeard tests have been done on them and they have been match to the blood type of the Shroud of Turin.
    There is too much to write in this comment box on the matter but perhaps look at some of these websites which detail these Miracles.



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